Beginnings are a delicate time

A blog begins. This blog is about, among other things, learning WordPress. It is also about an imminent dinner party. It’ll be a place for me to talk about cooking, coding, or whatever strikes me.

The trick for me has always been content, ironically, given that I fancy myself handy with the written word. But it’s the format that always hangs me up. My techno-fetishism gets the best of me and I start playing with layout and graphics, HTML and CSS, and in the end I have a partly polished, partly abandoned blog whose content is pretty much “Hello world. Welcome to your new blog, User.” But with bits that are oh so pretty!

Make no mistake: this blog will be full of that. If you don’t come here weekly for content, you could probably come here weekly simply to see the WordPress Template Of The Week as I mess about with the presentation. But I also hope to have some content. In fact I can promise you a multi-part post coming up to the end of September. But that can go in a post of its own.

Well, that’s enough text to introduce the blog, and (more importantly to me right now) give me some content that will let me play with the presentation templating.┬áSo, in the words of Frank Herbert: beginnings are a delicate time. But hopefully I can avoid the clear safe course that leads ever down into stagnation.


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